Mobile Fragmentation Discussion at Digiday

Had a great discussion today on Mobile fragmentation at Digiday Mobile with Gannon Hall, COO, Kyte, Christine Cook, SVP, Digital Advertising Sales, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Dave Gwozdz, CEO, Mojiva, Alexandre Mars, Head of Mobile for Publicis Groupe and Tom Constabile, New Market Development & Joint Partnerships, Verizon Wireless.

The bottom line is as Rich Wong has now famously stated in his Techcrunch post on mobile is that fragmentation is a fact, get used to it. Christine had a very sophisticated view about fragmentation using device penetration, specifically iPad to reach an audience attractive to Martha Stewart. From her perspective the fragmentation is really preselected segmentation. One doesn’t have to be all things to all people, one just has to identify who is important.

Alexandre Mars was very practical from the agency perspective saying that fragmentation is the reason he generates revenue. Brands needs an agency to manage the creative across platforms and networks. Also he mentioned that brands he works with are more attracted to the sizzle of the latest than the scale of platforms with broad reach, like SMS. This lead me to wonder: “Will mobile always be relegated to the world of the short reach sizzle?” When video reaches ubiquity and scale will a new sizzle takes its place in the brand manager’s media plan? Important to consider: how you maintain the sizzle over time while building the scale.

The last interesting point was the connection between mobile and virality. Fragmentation negates virality because sharing across platforms is necessarily impeded based on the platforms divergent characteristics. What’s interesting is the social sharing on mobile apps may happen on the web with recommendations of services and apps more likely to happen on facebook online than for instance, facebook on mobile. Reminders of what’s cool rather than direct links to app stores. Until some standards are reached across platforms, such social sharing of rich mobile experiences is likely to be a tail of online rather than the dog itself.

A good day and good panleists. Nick Friese, Tameka and the gang at digiday did another outstanding job.


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